Nov 14

Ricks Institute Alumni Association, USA, Inc.New England Chapter in collaboration with its National Association Honors its Former and longest serving principal Mrs Johnetta R. Minor BA, MA, a Virtuous Woman of exemplary character, quality, leadership and dedicated service      More Info


September 2015

Convention 2015 held in Detroit, Michigan was a HUGE success. Please see the Photos Tab for a pictorial report. A written report is in the process of being finalized to share with the membership."

March, 2015

Mr. T. Eugene Oody, long time Head Administrator at Ricks Institute has died. Mr. Oody dedicated his time and talents to enriching the lives of boys and girls at Ricks and all who he came in contact with. Mr. Oody also was a major contributor to the start up of the Ricks Institute Alumni Association. Our hearts go our to his Family and he will be truly missed.

Ricks Institute Alumni Association

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New England

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New England Chapter


PresidentRev. Emmett W. Goodridge
Vice President-

The New England Chapter (By Emmanuel R. A. Paulus)

The New England Chapter is considered the "Mother" chapter of the association. RIAA, USA was born in New England in 1989 when alumni in the New England area, particularly Boston saw the need to organize themselves and help their Alma Matter due to the civil unrest in Liberia. The chapter has the history of good organization, system, commitment, perseverance and produced some of finest local and national officers. Past presidents of the chapter are Dave Dixon (1989 to 1991) Min. Lester Manly (2000 to 2003), Deacon Emmanuel Paulus (2004 to 2011), Bro. Gartoun George (2012 to 2014) and now Rev.

Emmett Goodridge (2015 to present). The chapter continues to play that leading role in the national association in spite of the many challenges it continues to face. The chapter has now successfully hosted 3 national RIAA, USA conventions (1989, 2001, 2007) and initiated several projects for the school. In 2006 it undertook the first sports uniform and accessory project for the school which was later used as a model by the national association to undertake similar project in 2011.

The chapter also through its then president, Deacon E. R. A. Paulus encouraged his Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church to directly sponsor 10 Ricks students with tuition fees and school supplies in 2006 and a book bag and school supply project for about 300 elementary students at Ricks in 2012. The chapter is presently being revitalized due to declined in membership, but is continuously striving to live the true meaning of our school motto: “Not for self but for others”, for “to whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required: and to whom they commit much, of him will they ask the more”(Luke 12:48b).