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Computer Lab at Ricks Institute

RIAA donates computers and other infrastructure to promote distant learning

September 2015

Convention 2015 held in Detroit, Michigan was a HUGE success. Please see the Photos Tab for a pictorial report. A written report is in the process of being finalized to share with the membership."

March, 2015

Mr. T. Eugene Oody, long time Head Administrator at Ricks Institute has died. Mr. Oody dedicated his time and talents to enriching the lives of boys and girls at Ricks and all who he came in contact with. Mr. Oody also was a major contributor to the start up of the Ricks Institute Alumni Association. Our hearts go our to his Family and he will be truly missed.

Ricks Institute Alumni Association

(RIAA) is establishing a new contact database of Alumni and Friends of Ricks Institute. Please click here to register and provide your information

Sep 2-4

The Ricks Institute Alumni Association will celebrate Convention 2016 - The 28th Reunion in Willingboro, NJ September 2-4 2016. Please click here for more information. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Dec 16



Ricks Institute Alumni Association (RIAA) was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by alumni residing in that area. The idea of organizing this association was contemplated for seven years prior to its birth in March 1989. Its membership was inclusive to all Ricks Institute Alumni residing in the United States of America. Its goal were as follows: (1) To bring and keep former students together, (2) To devise ways to help ensure that its Alma Mater continue to maintain the same level of educational excellence in spite of the Liberian Civil war, and (3) To recognize and bestow honor to those who made sacrifices in accomplishing its goals. Read More.

Project Renovate Ricks

Fellow Dragons, this is our legacy, our calling for why we exist as an organization and our passion that will define us as we attempt to live the true meaning of our motto: “Not for self, but for others”. Help give back to Ricks some of what Ricks gave to you. Please donate to Project Renovate Ricks.

Donate to Project Renovate Ricks